Omelet with zucchini flowers and chile poblano


Chile poblano is a large, dark green chile sometimes almost black-green in color and very pleasant in flavor. It grows in many parts of Mexico.

It is exported to the US were it is often found under the name Pasilla.

They are first grilled, skinned and then stuffed (being called chile Rellenos) or cut into strips and served in salads.

For Independence day in Mexico chile poblanos are commonly served in a traditional dish called “Chiles en Nogada”. This dish has the colors of the  mexican flag: green, white and red, (green chile, white walnut-based cream sauce and red pomegranate sauce).

A dry poblano chile is called chile Ancho.

For breakfast I like to mix poblano with chopped fresh zucchini flowers and use the mixture as omelet filling.

If you have a problem to find the fresh zucchini flowers or if they are out of season you can use canned ones, widely available in Mexican stores or on the internet.


serves 4


one chile poblano

4 zucchini flowers, fresh, or one small can

1/2 onion, finely chopped



12 eggs (3 eggs per person)


about 40g of butter



To remove the skin place the chile in an electic grill, on a charcoal grill, or broil in the oven until skin is blistered and lightly charred.

If you broil it, place baking sheet with pepper on top rack of the oven (2 cm/ 4 inches from the broiler). You can also bake them on 200C / 400F for about 14 minutes.

After grilling place them inside a plastic bag for about 10 minute. This will make the process of removing skin easier.

Gently remove the skin, stem and seeds.

Cut them into bite size strips.

If using fresh zucchini flowers, quickly wash and dry them.

If using canned flowers, first drain the liquid.

Heat one tablespoon of oil in a pan.

Add the chopped onion, lower the heat and continue cooking until onion becomes very soft.

Remove pan from heat and add chopped peppers and chopped zucchini flowers.

In a small bowl mix 3 eggs, add one tablespoon of water and season to taste.

Melt the butter in a flying pan on medium heat. When the butter begins to foam add the eggs and swirl the skillet to distribute mixture evenly.

Lower the heat and with the fork gently move the eggs from the sides of the pan towards the center so that raw egg can cook underneath.

Add some of the chopped peppers, zucchini flours and onion mixture in the center, then with the help of the fork fold the sides of the omelet.

Transfer to plate and serve with warm tortilla.

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